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    There are various types of community supervision adult probation departments mostly perform here in the State of Texas;

*  Direct Basic Supervision

CSCD directly monitors and supervises offenders residing or working inside the Jim Wells County Jurisdiction to ensure they are in compliance with the conditions imposed by the Court of Law.

Four-Tiers Level Supervision is determined by case classification when the offender takes the risk/need assessment conducted by the Community Supervision Officer during the initial intakes.  The Community Supervision Officer reviews the result of the assessment and determines which level of supervision is recommended for an offender and how the case should be classified.  The level of supervision represents a degree of restrictive obligation an offender must perform when being supervised by an officer.

Intensive Probation Supervision

The Intensive Probation is a program designated as a sentencing alternative to incarceration in the TDCJ Institutional Division.  CSCD is staffed with few specialized caseload officers certified to handle a caseload indicating a severe dysfunction area in offender's profile.  Most of these caseloads are felony cases recommending a most restrictive supervision, therefore requiring specialized caseload officer to handle a minimum caseload as to have more time needed to supervise and help offenders along with rehabilitation.

This is specially for offenders who have history of substance abuses, serious assaultive behaviors, mental problems, and / or sexual offenses.

*  Transfer Compact Caseloads

Intrastate transfer:  transfer of an offender from one Texas county to another. 

CSCD will accept courtesy supervision of an out-of-county caseload if and only if the offenders meet the following criteria;

  • have verifiable residential address and place of employment in Jim Wells County Jurisdiction.
  • have documentable records of community supervision as required by CJAD Standards.
  • have statement of acknowledgment showing that they will remain compliance with the conditions imposed by the court of law (e.g. good reporting habit, good behavior, or avoid new arrest or offense.)

Interstate transfer:  Transfer of an offender's supervision from one state to another.  All offenders who seek to permanently relocate to another state must be process through the sending and receiving state Interstate Compact Offices (more information can be found at the ICAOS Website:

*  Sex Offender Supervision

CSCD maintains sex offender specialized caseload with a special conditions for sex offenders imposed by the Court of Law.  Such conditions include that every sex offender must be evaluated by a licensed therapist, including a psychological or psychiatrist testing as well as a clinical evaluation, and to attend and participate in a counseling program. 

Sex Offender supervision officer tasks are;

  • ensure sex offenders are required to register to local law enforcement authority and Department of Public Safety.
  • ensure sex offenders are compliances with the conditions of community supervision.
  • collaborate with treatment provider, sex offender registration personnel, local law enforcement, chaperones, and victim service providers.
  • provide treatment for sex offenders ordered by the court of law.
  • place sex offender on intensive and specialized supervision ordered by the court of law.
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